Our history goes back to 18th century when Rukmayya Shenoy s/o Laxman Shenoy migrated to Kaup, a small coastal village between Mangalore and Udipi, in search of better life.  He established his root in this place and today his family tree has grown so large that its branches have spread all over the world.  Therefore, it is impossible for any one to keep track of who is who and probably it will be even more difficult for the future generation to know about their ancestor's culture and tradition.. 
Among us there are successful Businessmen, Doctors, Physicists, Scientists, Engineers, Lawyers, Banking and Commercial executives and all of us at some point like to pay tribute to our parents and ancestors as a token of respect and honour. Here is one such opportunity to express that everybody can share.
Our intent of creating kaupshenoy.net

Create an online collaborative platform for all Kaup Shenoys around the world to

  • help family newbies to discover their ancestral roots
  • help family members to take a virtual tour of thier ancestral village and important traditional events
  • help family seniors to refresh & share childhood memories and experience with the newer generation
  • spread awareness about Kaup Shenoys and their accomplishments in all walks of life
  • recognize Kaup Shenoys (living & deceased) who have achieved great things in their lives and who we can be proud of
These are the ways in which you can help our cause
If you are a Kaup Shenoy, here are a few ways in which you can help us in helping our cause 
  • Send a page about your parents along with scanned copy of their portrait for display.
  • Share memorable photos, stories, popular myths or experiences you think could be shared with all the new generation of Kaup Shenoys
  • Send Bios or accomplishments of great achievers from Kaup Shenoy Family who deserve recognition
  • If you have a personal web site or a blog , give the link to us and we will feature you on this site. In addition, you may use a kaupshenoy.net sub domain for your website ( for e.g chandana.kaupshenoy.net )
  • Stop using hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail etc and own your own branded  <yourname>@kaupshenoy.net e-mail id. Just contact us and we will create a free kaupshenoy.net e-mail id for you (conditions apply)